Aeronautical Terms beginning with U

Ultra-high frequency (UHF)

The range of electromagnetic frequencies between 962 MHz and 1213 MHz.

Ultimate load factor

In stress analysis, the load that causes physical breakdown in an aircraft or aircraft component during a strength test, or the load that according to computations, should cause such a breakdown.


Unlocking the gimbals of a gyroscopic instrument, making it susceptible to damage by abrupt flight maneuvers or rough handling.

Uncontrolled airspace

Class G airspace that has not been designated as Class A, B, C, D, or E. It is airspace in which air traffic control has no authority or responsibility to control air traffic; however, pilots should remember there are VFR minimums which apply to this airspace.


Using less power than required for the purpose of achieving a faster rate of airspeed change.

United States Terminal Procedures Publication (TPP)

Booklets published in regional format by the NACO that include DPs, STARs, IAPs, and other information pertinent to IFR flight.

Unusual attitude

An unintentional, unanticipated, or extreme aircraft attitude.

Useful load

The weight of the pilot, copilot, passengers, baggage, usable fuel, and drainable oil. It is the basic empty weight subtracted from the maximum allowable gross weight. This term applies to general aviation aircraft only.

User-defined waypoints

Waypoint location and other data which may be input by the user, this is the only GPS database information that may be altered (edited) by the user.

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