Aeronautical Terms beginning with W

Warning area

An area containing hazards to any aircraft not participating in the activities being conducted in the area. Warning areas may contain intensive military training, gunnery exercises, or special weapons testing.


A designated geographical location used for route definition or progress-reporting purposes and is defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates.

Weather and radar processor (WARP)

A device that provides real-time, accurate, predictive and strategic weather information presented in an integrated manner in the National Airspace System (NAS).


The force exerted by an aircraft from the pull of gravity.

Wide area augmentation system (WAAS)

A differential global positioning system (DGPS) that improves the accuracy of the system by determining position error from the GPS satellites, then transmitting the error, or corrective factors, to the airborne GPS receiver.

Wind correction angle (WCA)

The angle between the desired track and the heading of the aircraft necessary to keep the aircraft tracking over the desired track.


A measurement of force used to produce movement.

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