Aeronautical Terms beginning with D

Database Columns

The spaces for data entry on each record. One column can accommodate one character.

Database Field

The collection of characters needed to define one item of information.

Database Identifier

A specific geographic point in space identified on an aeronautical chart and in an aviation database, officially designated by the controlling state authority or derived by Jeppesen. It has no ATC function and should not be used in filing flight plans nor used when communicating with ATC.

Database Record

A single line of computer data made up of the fields necessary to define fully a single useful piece of data.

Decision Altitude (DA)

A specified altitude in the precision approach at which a missed approach must be initiated if the required visual reference to continue the approach has not been established. The term Decision Altitude (DA) is referenced to mean sea level and the term Decision Height (DH)is referenced to the threshold elevation. Even though DH is charted as an altitude above MSL, the U.S. has adopted the term DAas a step toward harmonization of the United States and international terminology. At some point, DA will be published for all future instrument approach procedures with vertical guidance.

Decision Height (DH)

See Decision Altitude

Departure End of Runway (DER)

The end of runway available for the ground run of an aircraft departure. The end of the runway that is opposite the landing threshold, sometimes referred to as the stop end of the runway.

Descend Via

A descend via clearance instructs you to follow the altitudes published on a STAR. You are not authorized to leave your last assigned altitude unless specifically cleared to do so. If ATC amends the altitude or route to one that is different from the published procedure, the rest of the charted descent procedure is canceled. ATC will assign you any further route, altitude, or airspeed clearances, as necessary.

Digital ATIS (D-ATIS)

An alternative method of receiving ATIS reports by aircraft equipped with datalink services capable of receiving information in the cockpit over their Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) unit.

Diverse Vector Area (DVA)

An airport may establish a diverse vector area if it is necessary to vector aircraft below the minimum vectoring altitude to assist in the efficient flow of departing traffic. DVA design requirements are outlined in TERPS and allow for the vectoring of aircraft immediately off the departure end of the runway below the MVA.

Dynamic Magnetic Variation

A field which is simply a computer model calculated value instead of a measured value contained in the record for a waypoint.

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