Aeronautical Terms beginning with G

Gateway Fix

A navigational aid or fix where an aircraft transitions between the domestic route structure and the oceanic route airspace.

Geodetic Datum

The reference plane from which geodetic calculations are made. Or, according to ICAO Annex 15, the numerical or geometrical quantity or set of such quantities (mathematical model) that serves as a reference for computing other quantities in a specific geographic region such as the latitude and longitude of a point.

Glidepath Angle (GPA)

The angular displacement of the vertical guidance path from a horizontal plane that passes through the reference datum point (RDP). This angle is published on approach charts (e.g., 3.00, 3.20, etc.). GPA is sometimes referred to as vertical path angle (VPA).

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

An umbrella term adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to encompass any independent satellite navigation system used by a pilot to perform onboard position determinations from the satellite data.

Gross Navigation Error (GNE)

In the North Atlantic area of operations, a gross navigation error is a lateral separation of more than 25 NM from the centerline of an aircrafts cleared route, which generates an Oceanic Navigation Error Report. This report is also generated by a vertical separation if you are more than 300 feet off your assigned flight level.

Ground Communication Outlet (GCO)

An unstaffed, remotely controlled ground/ground communications facility. Pilots at uncontrolled airports may contact ATC and AFSS via Very High Frequency (VHF) radio to a telephone connection. This lets pilots obtain an instrument clearance or close a VFR/IFR flight plan.

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