Aeronautical Terms beginning with O

Obstacle Clearance Surface (OCS)

An inclined or level surface associated with a defined area for obstruction evaluation.

Obstacle Departure Procedure (ODP)

A procedure that provides obstacle clearance. ODPs do not include ATC related climb requirements. In fact, the primary emphasis of ODP design is to use the least onerous route of flight to the en route structure while attempting to accommodate typical departure routes.

Obstacle Identification Surface (OIS)

The design of a departure procedure is based on TERPS, a living document that is updated frequently. Departure design criteria assumes an initial climb of 200 feet per NM after crossing the departure end of the runway (DER) at a height of at least 35 feet above the ground. Assuming a 200 feet per NM climb, the departure is structured to provide at least 48 feet per NM of clearance above objects that do not penetrate the obstacle slope. The slope, known as the obstacle identification slope (OIS), is based on a 40 to 1 ratio, which is the equivalent of a 152-foot per NM slope.

Off-Airway Routes

The FAA prescribes altitudes governing the operation of aircraft under IFR for off airway routes in a similar manner to those on federal airways, jet routes, area navigation low or high altitude routes, and other direct routes for which an MEA is designated.

Off-Route Obstruction Clearance Altitude (OROCA)

An off-route altitude that provides obstruction clearance with a 1,000 foot buffer in non-mountainous terrain areas and a 2,000 foot buffer in designated mountainous areas within the U.S. This altitude may not provide signal coverage from ground based navigational aids, air traffic control radar, or communications coverage.

Operations Specifications (OpsSpecs)

A published document providing the conditions under which an air carrier and operator for compensation or hire must operate in order to retain approval from the FAA.

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