Aeronautical Terms beginning with U

User-defined Waypoint

User-defined waypoints typically are created by pilots for use in their own random RNAV direct navigation. They are newly established, unpublished airspace fixes that are designated geographic locations/positions that help provide positive course guidance for navigation and a means of checking progress on a flight. They may or may not be actually plotted by the pilot on enroute charts, but would normally be communicated to ATC in terms of bearing and distance or latitude/longitude. An example of user defined waypoints typically includes those derived from database-driven area navigation (RNAV) systems whereby latitude/longitude coordinate-based waypoints are generated by various means including keyboard input, and even electronic map mode functions used to establish waypoints with a cursor on the display. Another example is an offset phantom waypoint, which is a point in space formed by a bearing and distance from NAVAIDs such as VORs, VORTACs, and TACANs, using a variety of navigation systems.

User Request Evaluation Tool (URET)

The URET helps provide enhanced, automated flight data management. URET is an automated tool provided at each radar position in selected en route facilities. It uses flight and radar data to determine present and future trajectories for all active and proposed aircraft flights. A graphic plan display depicts aircraft, traffic, and notification of predicted conflicts. Graphic routes for current plans and trial plans are displayed upon controller request. URET can generate a predicted conflict of two aircraft, or between aircraft and airspace.

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