Aeronautical Terms beginning with A


Words that are general rather than specific. Aircraft is an abstraction; airplane is less abstract; jet is more specific; and jet airliner is still more specific.

Aeronautical decision-making (ADM)

A systematic approach to the mental process used by aircraft pilots to consistently determine the best course of action in response to a given set of circumstances.

Affective domain

A grouping of levels of learning associated with a person’s attitudes, personal beliefs, and values which range from receiving through responding, valuing, and organization to characterization.

Air traffic control (ATC)

A service provided by the FAA to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic.

Aircraft checkouts

An instructional program designed to familiarize and qualify a pilot to act as pilot in command of a particular aircraft type.


Mental discomfort that arises from the fear of anything, real or imagined. May have a potent effect on actions and the ability to learn from perceptions.


A basic level of learning at which the student puts something to use that has been learned and understood.

Application step

The third step of the teaching process, where the student performs the procedure or demonstrates the knowledge required in the lesson. In the telling-and-doing technique of flight instruction, this step consists of the student doing the procedure while explaining it.

Area of operation

A phase of the practical test within the PTS.


A personal motivational predisposition to respond to persons, situations, or events in a given manner that can, nevertheless, be changed or modified through training as a sort of mental shortcut to decision-making.

Attitude management

The ability to recognize one’s own hazardous attitudes and the willingness to modify them as

Authentic assessment

An assessment in which the student is asked to perform real-world tasks, and demonstrate a meaningful application of skills and competencies.

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