Aeronautical Terms beginning with D

Defense mechanisms

Subconscious ego-protecting reactions to unpleasant situations.

Demonstration-performance method

An educational presentation where an instructor first shows the student the correct way to perform an activity and then has the student attempt the same activity.

Description of the skill or behavior

The first part of a performance-based objective which explains the desired outcome of instruction in concrete terms that can be measured.


In test items, words which give a clue to the answer. Words such as “always” and “never” are determiners in true-false questions. Since absolutes are rare, such words usually make the statement false.

Direct question

A question used for follow-up purposes, but directed at a specific individual.


The degree to which a test distinguishes the differences between students.


Incorrect responses to a multiple-choice test item.


A theory of forgetting that suggests a person forgets those things that are not used.

Drill and practice method

A time-honored training delivery method based on the learning principle that connections are strengthened with practice.

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