Aeronautical Terms beginning with L

Lack of common experience

In communication, a difficulty which arises because words have different meanings for the source and the receiver of information due to their differing backgrounds.

Lead-off question

In the guided discussion method, a question used by an instructor to open up an area for discussion and get the discussion started.


A change in behavior as a result of experience.

Learning plateau

A learning phenomenon where progress appears to cease or slow down for a significant period of time before once again increasing.

Learning style

Preferred way(s) by which people learn. Common learning styles include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, or tactile (hands on). Learning skills can be loosely grouped into physical and cognitive styles.

Learning theory

A body of principles advocated by psychologists and educators to explain how people acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Lecture method

An educational presentation usually delivered by an instructor to a group of students with the use of instructional aids and training devices. Lectures are useful for the presentation of new material, summarizing ideas, and showing relationships between theory and practice.

Lesson plan

An organized outline for a single instructional period. It is a necessary guide for the instructor in that it tells what to do, in what order to do it, and what procedure to use in teaching the material of a lesson.


On a website, an external web location that can be accessed by merely clicking on words identifying the new site. They are usually identified by a different color type, underlining, or a button (picture or icon) indicating access to a new site.

Long-term memory

The portion of the brain that stores information that has been determined to be of sufficient value to be retained. In order for it to be retained in longterm memory, it must have been processed or coded in the working memory.

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