Aeronautical Terms beginning with T


Knowledge area, flight procedure, or maneuver within an area of operation in a practical test standard.

Taxonomy of educational objectives

A systematic classification scheme for sorting learning outcomes into three broad categories (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor) and ranking the desired outcomes in a developmental hierarchy from least complex to most complex.


Instructing, training, or imparting knowledge or skill; the profession of someone who teaches.

Teaching lecture

An oral presentation that is directed toward desired learning outcomes. Some student participation is allowed.

Telling-and-doing technique

A technique of flight instruction that consists of the instructor first telling the student about a new procedure and then demonstrating it. This is followed by the student telling and the instructor doing. Third, the student explains the new procedure while doing it. Last, the instructor evaluates while the student performs the procedure.


A set of questions, problems, or exercises for determining whether a person has a particular knowledge or skill.

Test item

A question, problem, or exercise that measures a single objective and requires a single response.

Time and opportunity

A perception factor in which learning something is dependent on the student having the time to sense and relate current experiences in context with previous events.

Traditional assessment

Written testing, such as multiple choice, matching, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank.

Training course outline

Within a curriculum, describes the content of a particular course by statement of objectives, descriptions of teaching aids, definition of evaluation criteria, and indication of desired outcome.

Training media

Any physical means that communicates an instructional message to students.

Training syllabus

A step by- step, building block progression of learning with provisions for regular review and evaluations at prescribed stages of learning. The syllabus defines the unit of training, states by objective what the student is expected to accomplish during the unit of training, shows an organized plan for instruction, and dictates the evaluation process for either the unit or stages of learning.

Transfer of learning

The ability to apply knowledge or procedures learned in one context to new contexts.

Transition training

An instructional program designed to familiarize and qualify a pilot to fly types of aircraft not previously flown, such as tail wheel aircraft, high performance aircraft, and aircraft capable of flying at high altitudes.

True-false test item

A test item consisting of a statement followed by an opportunity for the student to determine whether the statement is true or false.

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