Aeronautical Terms beginning with A

Adverse Loaded CG Check

A weight and balance check to determine that no condition of legal loading of an aircraft can move the CG outside of its allowable limits.

Aircraft Specifications

Documentation containing the pertinent specifications for aircraft certificated under the CARs.

Airplane Flight Manual (AFM)

An FAA-approved document, prepared by the holder of a Type Certificate for an aircraft, that specifies the operating limitations and contains the required markings and placards and other information applicable to the regulations under which the aircraft was certificated.

Approved Type Certificate

A certificate of approval issued by the FAA for the design of an aircraft, engine, or propeller.


(GAMA) The horizontal distance from the reference datum to the center of gravity (CG) of an item. The algebraic sign is plus (+) if measured aft of the datum or to the right side of the center line when considering a lateral calculation. The algebraic sign is minus (-) if measured forward of the datum or the left side of the center line when considering a lateral calculation.

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