Aeronautical Terms beginning with E

Empty Weight

The weight of the airframe, engines, all permanently installed equipment, and unusable fuel. Depending upon the part of the federal regulations under which the aircraft was certificated, either the undrainable oil or full reservoir of oil is included.

Empty-weight Center of Gravity (EWCG)

This is the center of gravity of the aircraft in the empty condition, containing only the items specified in the aircraft empty weight. This CG is an essential part of the weight and balance record of the aircraft.

Empty-weight Center of Gravity Range

The distance between the allowable forward and aft empty-weight CG limits.

Equipment List

A list of items approved by the FAA for installation in a particular aircraft. The list includes the name, part number, weight, and arm of the component. Installation or removal of an item in the equipment list is considered to be a minor alteration.

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