Aeronautical Terms beginning with S

Service Ceiling

The highest altitude at which an aircraft can still maintain a steady rate of climb of 100 feet per minute.

Small Aircraft

An aircraft weighing 12,500 pounds or less, maximum certificated takeoff weight. As defined in 14 CFR part 1.

Standard Empty Weight

(GAMA) Weight of a standard airplane including unusable fuel, full operating fluids, and full oil.

Static Load

The load imposed on an aircraft structure due to the weight of the aircraft and its contents.


(GAMA) A location along the airplane fuselage usually given in terms of distance from the reference datum.

Strain Sensor

A device that converts a physical phenomenon into an electrical signal. Strain sensors in a wheel axle sense the amount the axle deflects and create an electrical signal that is proportional to the force that caused the deflection.

Structural Station

This is a location in the aircraft, such as a bulkhead, which is identified by a number designating its distance in inches or percent MAC from the datum. The datum is, therefore, identified as station zero. The stations and arms are identical. An item located at station +50 would have an arm of 50 inches.

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