Aeronautical Terms beginning with E


The change of liquid water to water vapor.


In radar, (1) the energy reflected or scattered by a target; (2) the radar scope presentation of the return from a target.


A local irregularity of wind in a larger scale wind flow. Small scale eddies produce turbulent conditions.

Estimated ceiling

A ceiling classification applied when the ceiling height has been estimated by the observer or has been determined by some other method; but, because of the specified limits of time, distance, or precipitation conditions, a more descriptive classification cannot be applied.

Extratropical low (sometimes called extratropical cyclone, extra

Any cyclone that is not a tropical cyclone, usually referring to the migratory frontal cyclones of middle and high latitudes.


The roughly circular area of calm or relatively light winds and comparatively fair weather at the center of a well-developed tropical cyclone. A wall cloud marks the outer boundary of the eye.

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