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I cleaned out my shelf of catalogs recently and decided to put them online so I can find them. I’ll annotate the ones I’ve bought from later. I have had good luck with Sporty’s, ASA, My Pilot Store, and Sarasota Avionics among others. Lately I have been ordering the parts for annuals from Aircraft Spruce. I like that I almost always get the part the next day.

Training and Pilot Supplies

Sporty's Pilot Shop
Aviation Supplies and Academics (ASA)
Avid Aviator
King Schools
My Pilot Store.com
Marv Golden Pilot Supplies
Lake & Air Pilot Shop
AAA Pilot Supplies and Gifts


Aircraft Spruce
Aircraft Tool
Wag-Aero Group
Preferred Airparts
Chief Aircraft
Airparts, Inc.
McFarlane Aviation
Genuine Aircraft Hardware

Cherokee Aircraft Salvage
Texas Aeroplastics
Hangar Swap
Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc.  Exhaust components
Desmoines Flying Service
Piper Parts Plus
Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.  Hoses
Premier Aerospace Services & Technology, Inc.’s Online Store

Wick’s Aircraft


Texas Air Salvage
Aviation Salvage
Deer Park


Desser Tire and Rubber


Kennon Covers


Vantage Plane Plastics
SCS Interiors


Sarasota Avionics International
Tropic Aero


Forced Aeromotive Technologies
Ly-Con Bought the engine for the Cherokee from them.
Air Power Engines and Cylinders

QAA Marvel Schebler Carbuerators


Essco Aircraft Manuals and Pilot Supplies


Batteries America

Updated: 2017-10-05

2 Responses to “Tools and Equipment”

  1. Matt Granzow Says:

    Hey, Thank you very much for posting the practice tests. I’ve noticed a bug, when I go to the IR tests and submit a question, I get sent to the “ALL” category.. it looks like the CFI section does not do this. Any chance you could fix it?

  2. JScarry Says:

    I think it’s fixed now.

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