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Frequency Change Approved

I operate out of Class D airspace and I noticed that whenever I get flight following, I am almost always handed off to Departure Control. When I don”t get flight following, they rarely tell me “Frequency change approved.”. This explains why.

4−3−2. Airports with an Operating Control Tower

a. When operating at an airport where traffic
control is being exercised by a control tower, pilots
are required to maintain two−way radio contact with
the tower while operating within the Class B, Class C,
and Class D surface area
unless the tower authorizes
otherwise. Initial callup should be made about
15 miles from the airport.
Unless there is a good
reason to leave the tower frequency before exiting the
Class B, Class C, and Class D surface areas, it is a
good operating practice to remain on the tower
frequency for the purpose of receiving traffic
information. In the interest of reducing tower
frequency congestion, pilots are reminded that it is
not necessary to request permission to leave the tower
frequency once outside
of Class B, Class C, and
Class D surface areas.

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