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Things to Remember IFR Checkride—Weather

§91.103 Preflight action.
Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. This information must include—

(a) For a flight under IFR or a flight not in the vicinity of an airport, weather reports and forecasts, fuel requirements, alternatives available if the planned flight cannot be completed, and any known traffic delays of which the pilot in command has been advised by ATC;

Ceiling is Broken or Overcast
Ceiling means the height above the earth’s surface of the lowest layer of clouds or obscuring phenomena that is reported as broken, overcast, or obscuration, and not classified as thin or partial.

1/8-2/8 Few
3/8-4/8 Scattered
5/8-7/8 Broken
8/8 Overcast

Pre-Flight Weather & Notices
Always know where the nearest VFR is along the route of flight.

Departure and Destination Airports

Surface Analysis
Ceilings along route
Freezing Levels relative to MEAs and MOCAs
Winds and Temps Aloft
Airmets and Sigmets

Highs and Lows
Low is rising column of counterclockwise air. Sucks in moisture and dust.
High is clockwise movement of air. Air goes downward pushing bad weather away.

Trough is an elongated low.
Ridge is an elongated high.

DUATS Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis Legend

Shows cells, Cell movement, Precip Intensity, Cloud/Cell Tops



Prog Charts
Ceiling, turbulence, freezing levels

Prog Charts

Prog Charts

Inflight Flight Weather
If you call for weather on 122.2, make sure you let them know where you are. If you use an RCO make sure you identify it.

These are the sites that I have been using to check local weather and flight restrictions.

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