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Will Liebhaber has a bunch of good videos for pilots. These are the ones that explain how to use the NACO AeroNav charts put out by the FAA—the charts that come with most EFBs like ForeFlight, WingsX, and Garmin Pilot. For the most part, the videos just explain stuff that you can get from reading the legend on the TPP, but if you are just starting out in your instrument training, these videos give you a basic understanding of approach charts in around 45 minutes. Even if you have been flying IFR for a while, you’ll probably pick up somethings that you didn’t know.

Approach Plate Basics

Approach Plate Margin Data

Approach Plate Pilot Briefing

Approach Plate Plan View

Approach Plate Profile View
Two observations on this video. For Part 91 operations, the pilot can start the approach no matter what ceiling and visibility is reported by the tower. That’s not the case for Part 135 and 121. Flight visibility, not reported visibility, determines whether the pilot can continue the approach. However, if the flight visibility is less than the minimum, then it is highly unlikely that the pilot will be able to see any of the 10 items required for landing.

His observation about the numbers in parentheses, while probably correct, is not what the legend says those numbers mean. According to the legend, they are for military use and can be ignored by civilian pilots.

Approach Plate Minima (Minimums) Section

Approach Plate Airport Diagram

Jeppesen vs. FAA (NACO) Instrument Charts

Approach Plate Overview with Fly8MA

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