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Garmin GTX 330 Transponder-Standby Mode

GND Mode

Setting the ground-speed recognition function that activates airborn/ground modes the GTX 330.

Pushing STBY puts the transponder in standby. That seems pretty obvious. Just on a whim I tried pushing and holding the STBY button. After 5 seconds, it arms itself into an auto detect mode. And sure enough, I went flying and it worked like a charm.
This is not documented in the Garmin install manuals or the pilot operating manual anywhere, but it works. Strangest thing I’ve ever encountered in a Garmin unit. But at least it works.
Nowhere in the setup pages is there a configuration for auto standby or auto detect.

Now that we are required to have the transponder in ALT mode on the ground, I did the same thing with the ALT button and now it stays in ALT all the time.

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