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I previously wrote about replacing the battery in an ELT. This post talks about testing the ELT at each annual or after battery replacement.

§91.207 Emergency locator transmitters.
(d) Each emergency locator transmitter required by paragraph (a) of this section must be inspected within 12 calendar months after the last inspection for—
  (1) Proper installation;
  (2) Battery corrosion;
  (3) Operation of the controls and crash sensor; and
  (4) The presence of a sufficient signal radiated from its antenna.

I’ve done around 30 annuals and we never tested the crash sensors. It turns out that there is a procedure for it in AC 43.13-1B

A TSO-C91 ELT can be activated by using a quick rap with the palm. A TSO-C91a ELT can be activated by using a rapid forward (throwing) motion coupled by a rapid reversing action. Verify that the ELT can be activated using a watt meter, the airplane’s VHF radio communications receiver tuned to 121.5 MHz, or other means (see NOTE 1). Insure that the “G” switch has been reset if applicable.

If I am reading the ACK manual correctly, the listening for the sweeps when the unit is switched to ON is all you need to do. From the ACK website,

Model E-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter The model E-01 ELT must be inspected yearly to insure continued airworthiness. The procedures as described in section 7 (Periodic Maintenance) of the installation and operation manual part number E-01-M (all revision dates) should be followed. These tests also fulfill the requirements of FAR 91.207.

There is no mention of performing a test of the crash sensor.

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