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Tool Bag Revisited

I’ve been working with a couple of new owners and there are some tools that you must have when assisting your A&P on your plane. I put links to Ace Hardware, Harbor Freight, Michael’s for some items on sale now, but they probably won’t be on sale when you read this.

I like to have all my tools in a bag so I can have them near me when I work on planes. The minimum toolkit would have a ratcheting screwdriver, socket set, screwdrivers, open/closed end wrenches, pliers, nitrile gloves, magnet on a stick, mirror, flashlight, marker, blue tape, and straight picks. I’d also pick up some bead boxes.

A torque limited electric screwdriver is handy as well. You don’t have as many screws as I do so your arm might not get tired using your drill.

I like my electrician’s bag but I can’t find it anymore. I also have this one and it works too.

I’d buy two sets of these picks so you have two straight picks. The others are pretty useless.

I’d also stop by Ace Hardware and pick up this six-point socket set for $15.

Occasionally the 3/8 set is useful like on the engine bolts.

This extension set is a bit of an overkill, but I often use three different sizes.

Same for the wobble heads set.

I just bought this screwdriver set. I like that the Phillips are a different color than the flat head. I bought it because I didn’t have long screwdrivers and often wished I did. The set was cheaper than buying them separately. And the bits on my old Phillips are getting worn out.

You need an open ended wrench set. I like my Craftsman better than the Harbor Freight
But Harbor Freight is much cheaper.

You definitely need a pair of regular pliers and cutters. The additional sizes in this set will come in handy.

A stubby set is handy from time to time. And the ratcheting feature is handy when you need a stubby wrench. Gearwrench makes a nice set as well.

These are good gloves. (I also like them because they come in my size.)

They used to give these flashlights away with any purchase so I have a bunch. They are LEDs so you can leave them on while you are working and they last forever.

I really like bead boxes for keeping track of where the screws go after I take them off and for storing nuts, bolts, and washers. They have become expensive but these are affordable.

The ones I have are from Michael’s and they are on sale now and are a better deal than the ones at Amazon. Unfortunately they are out of stock in my store at the moment.

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