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I’ve changed the oil a bunch of times with my A&P but never on my own. After reading a long thread on Beechtalk about changing your own oil, I decided to give it a try on my Cherokee so I did some research first.

There are differing opinions on using DC-4 to lube the gasket. Some say it’s not necessary, others insist that you must use it. The other issue is torque. The manual calls out a specific torque for the filter. However, in most engines it is really difficult to get a torque wrench positioned on the nut at the end of the filter. The Beechtalk thread says to “Lube the gasket with at least motor oil, turn the filter on by hand until the gasket makes contact with the filter adapter, mark the filter at the 3’oclock position and then turn with the nut so the mark is at 12 o’clock (3/4 turn).”

I found a could of websites with more details. This site is a good place to start. This one has a little more info.

However, you can get an oil filter wrench for $60 at Aircraft Spruce that is pre-set to 17 foot-pounds that takes all of the guesstimating out of the installation.

And because you must properly safety wire the filter, I reviewed the proper way to wire at this site.

I ordered a pair of safety wire pliers, two loops of safety wire, and a filter. Not sure if I need .032 or .041 so I ordered both—they’re only $1.25 for 25 feet so I figure I can get both and then see which size is being used. The articles indicate that the largest size that fits throughout the holes should be used. It was less than $50 total. For some reason, I couldn’t find DC-4 on the site when I made my order, but I found it later. I’ll see if I can pick it up locally. I picked up a case of oil at the local oil supply company for $60. (The price in November of 2016 was $93.)

My A&P advised me that .032 gauge is normally used for the oil filter and the heavier gauge for the prop bolts.

I have a quick-release valve on the Cherokee and I picked up some tubing that is long enough to drain into the oil recycling container the is provided by my trash company. On the C210 I rig up a cardboard funnel and drain directly onto the top of the container.

I also picked up a filter cutter. It’s $99 well spent.

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