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There are a lot of things about flying that I have a hard time remembering and a lot of things that I find confusing at first glance. I figured that if I have trouble others might too, so I’ve collected my thoughts here. There are lots of things that I just find interesting that appear here as well.

In general, if I quote from a FAR (14 CFR) I’ll put it in italics along with a reference to the section, unless I’m quoting long sections. If I paraphrase i’ll just put the section number. I’ll often leave out parts that don’t apply to the topic, e.g. rules specific to gliders, or rules for ATPs. I’ll indicate missing text with an ellipsis, …. In general, I’ll indicate text that is quoted or paraphrased by citing the source if it is important, but for many things, like the rules for assigning N-Numbers, I’ll quote or rephrase things from the FARs, FAA Web site, or other government publications without attribution. It should be obvious from the context where I got the information if you want to verify things for yourself. If I quote from another web site or book, I’ll always indicate the source and put the quoted text in italics or quote marks.

Update 2017-02-19: The website addresses for the FAA articles and the FARs frequently change. I am in the process of deleting references to the FARs since you can find them yourself at the government website. Right now Title 14 is at e-CFR DATA. If you can’t find an article at the link, search engines are pretty good at finding the content based on the old link or the context of the article. Keep in mind that many FAA documents are updated on a semi-regular basis and that they increment the version with letters. e.g. FAA Order JO 7400.9 is on version Z. So when you search for the current version, leave out the last letter.

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