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Airspace when the tower is closed

Class D Airport

The note beside this Class Delta airspace says See NOTAMs/Directory for Class D/E (sfc) eff hrs. From the A/FD AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc (1400–0400Z‡) other times CLASS G. Unfortunately, this isn’t as clear as it seems. The entire Class D airspace (to 2,700′ MSL) doesn’t revert to Glass G because as the AIM states:

3.1.3.a When overlapping airspace designations apply to the same airspace, the operating rules associated with the more restrictive airspace designation apply.

So the airspace above 1,200′ is going to be Class E. This part is fairly obvious if you think about it. What’s not obvious is that at the end of the section of the AIM on Class D airspace it says:

3.2.5.b2 At those airports where the control tower does not operate 24 hours a day, the operating hours of the tower will be listed on the appropriate charts and in the A/FD. During the hours the tower is not in operation, the Class E surface area rules or a combination of Class E rules to 700 feet above ground level and Class G rules to the surface will become applicable. Check the A/FD for specifics.

The A/FD doesn’t really go into specifics but it will indicate whether the airspace reverts to Class E or G.

I can’t find any mention of the change in the FARs, but it could be there.

Notice that there is an extension to the Class Delta surface area. From the AIM 3-2-6.e.2

There are Class E airspace areas that serve as extensions to Class B, Class C, and Class D surface areas designated for an airport. Such airspace provides controlled airspace to contain standard instrument approach procedures without imposing a communications requirement on pilots operating under VFR.

The extension is always Class E.

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