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Mnemonics and Mantras.

There are lots of mnemonics for remembering to do things in and around the plane. Some important things aren’t really mnemonics but are more like mantras.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.—For the big picture of flying.
Radios, Mixture, Master, Mags—For shutdown.

I have my favorite mnemonics for various phases of flight—Why I disike GUMPS—and to remember things like required equipment for VFR/IFR flight TOMATOFLAAMES and GRABCARD.

There are lots more out there. Here are some links to sites I’ve found useful.

Aviation Acronyms and Mnemonics by Scott Todd, CFI.

Acronyms and Mnemonics by Linda Dowdy, CFI.

Memorization Acronyms by JetCareers.com Forum.

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