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Some of the questions on the FAA Knowledge Tests are interesting enough or complicated enough to warrant a full post while others are clear with just a quick reference to the FAR/AIM or one of the FAA pdfs. When I’ve written a post on a topic that is covered on the tests, I’ve started including links to the test questions at the end of the post. This post is a collection of those links. As I get time, I’ll go over older posts and provide links to the test topics as well.

The same questions often appear on the tests for different ratings, so the main link is to all tests. You can also view questions related to just one test but I’d recommend doing all of them.


Post  Questions—All  Private  Instrument  Commercial  CFI

VOR Check

Post  Questions—All  Private  Instrument  Commercial  CFI

Wind Shear

Post  Questions—All  Private  Instrument  Commercial  CFI

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