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I’ve used checklists that you can purchase for planes but haven’t liked them too much. Since I only fly planes I own, I’ve gotten into the habit of making detailed checklists that contain a lot of information from the Operating Handbook that I need to know but may forget. I used to print checklists on half sheets of paper but recently I’ve been using 4×6 index cards. I keep them in cheap photo albums that I got at the dollar store. I break the checklists into specific phases of flight—more granular than most. The 4×6 cards are just the right size for two phases of flight.

A couple things to note. As you may know, I dislike GUMPS intensely so my checklist uses C-FARTS and B-RAAGS. I use the checklist for most phases of flight but for some—like takeoff and landing, I just review the list before that phase of flight.

I also keep things like VFR minimums and airspeed limits with my checklists. I haven’t typed up all of the emergency procedures yet—they’re handwritten still. When I have them I’ll add them to the list.

There are two versions at the moment, PDF and Rich Text. I wrote the documents in Bean, so if you are using a different word processor you may need to adjust the margins. You may also need to do some substitutions for things like & and ½.


Airspace (pdf)
Airspace (rtf)

Cessna T210L (pdf)
Cessna T210L (rtf)

Cherokee 140 (pdf)
Cherokee 140 (rtf)

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